News Center | 2021-05-19 18:42:00
Ennovation Ventures Portfolio丨Committed to source innovation, Heqi Rui Medicine completed US$56 million in Series B financing to build a global innovation and R&D platform

May 6, 2021,Invested company Hope Medicine Inc (Heqirui Medicine)(hereinafter referred to as Heqirui) Announced the completion of $56 million in Series B financing. This round of financing was funded by Qiming Venture Partners and Yuanyi Investment,This round of financing was jointly led by Qiming Venture Capital and Yuanyi Investment, followed by Honghui Capital and Innovation Workshop. The old shareholder Zhixin Capital continued to support, and Haoyue Capital served as the exclusive financial advisor for this round of financing.This round of investment will provide strong support for Heqirui's upcoming MRCT international phase II clinical research and product line construction.

      Heqirui is a science-driven innovative drug research and development company dedicated to source innovation.Its China headquarters is located in Nanjing, and it also has R&D bases and offices in Shanghai and Beijing. The company was founded by Professor Xiao Ruiping, Dean of the School of Future Technology at Peking University and Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the New England Journal of Medicine. Heqirui has always followed the founding concept of In China, for global, and has built an international professional team.Committed to addressing unmet clinical needs worldwide with first-in-class new drugs.Heqirui focuses on the three major disease areas of women's health, endocrinology and cardiovascular disease.In response to the current unmet clinical needs, through independent research and development and license-in dual-drive mode, a diversified research and development pipeline is further established.
      Previously, Heqirui and Bayer AG signed an exclusive worldwide license agreement for the development and commercialization of monoclonal antibodies targeting the prolactin (PRL) receptor. Potential indications for the antibody include male and female pattern alopecia, endometriosis, and other chronic diseases. According to the license agreement, Heqi Rui Medicine will develop and commercialize novel antibodies targeting the prolactin (PRL) receptor globally based on Bayer's intellectual property. At present, HMI-115 has completed the Phase I clinical trial in the European Union, with good safety. The global multi-center Phase II clinical trial of androgenetic alopecia and endometriosis will be launched soon.
     Professor Xiao Ruiping, founder of Heqirui, chairman of the board and CEO, said,We have a leading biomedical team, strong global intellectual property, and a determination to bring the best medicines to the global market.China's innovative drug research and development has now reached the stage where we dare to do it, can do it, and must do it. We will not forget our original intention, drive new drug research and development with source innovation, and serve the majority of patients. Women's health, endocrinology and cardiovascular fields are our important directions. We hope to advance the research and development of human biology to clinical medicine as soon as possible, so that it can become a new drug that can benefit patients around the world. Professor Xiao Ruiping further said, "Here, I also want to represent the founding team thanks to the new and old investors for their recognition and trust in us, we will definitely live up to the heavy trust and forge ahead. "