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Ennovation Ventures Portfolio丨Aimeifei completes 200 million yuan in Series A financing and is committed to the development of innovative drugs with global leading targets

On May 11, Nanjing Aimeifei Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. ("Aimeifei") announced the completion of a 200 million RMB Series A financing.This round of financing was led by Venture Capital, a professional institution focusing on innovative drug investment, and Junshi Biosciences jointly led the investment. New Silk Road Financial Holdings also participated in the investment. Hanergy Investment served as the exclusive financial advisor for this round of financing.
        This round of financing will be used to promote the clinical research of the company's first-tier pipeline and support the research and development of subsequent pipelines, so as to speed up the research and development and listing process of the company's pipeline. Previously, many projects in the first echelon of Aimeifei have entered the IND stage of Sino-US double reporting, and the company will launch Phase I clinical research of many projects in the second half of the year.

        Founded in 2016 by our angel investment, Aimeifei is an innovative drug research and development company based on the world's leading targets. The company is committed to the development and treatment of malignant tumors, autoimmune diseases, metabolic diseases and neurodegenerative diseases. Small molecule or macromolecule new drugs for diseases, and continue to achieve milestones in the development of innovative drugs. The company established a Shanghai R&D center and a wholly-owned subsidiary in Australia in 2018 and 2021 respectively, and plans to establish a wholly-owned subsidiary in the United States in the second half of 2021 to achieve a global layout.
        The core management team of Aimeifei is composed of former GSK executives, and a group of mid-level technical backbones from well-known pharmaceutical companies such as GSK, Pfizer, and Novartis are assembled to form a new drug research and development team with strong competitiveness.The founder of the company, Dr. Fan Guohuang, has more than 25 years of research experience in major diseases such as malignant tumors, autoimmune diseases and neurodegenerative diseases.Before founding Emerald, Dr. Guohuang Fan managed the new drug R&D team at GSK China R&D Center, led several innovative drug R&D projects, and achieved important research results.Dr. Jianfei Wang, Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) of the companyHe has been committed to translational medicine research for a long time. After completing training at the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard Medical School, he worked as a professor in a famous Canadian university. He used to be the head and senior researcher of the GSK integrative biology platform, and completed the preclinical development of several new drug research and development projects.
        In response to this round of financing, Dr. Fan Guohuang responded: "Thank you for the recognition and expectation of Aimeifei from Lingcheng Venture Capital and other investment institutions. At present, the company is close to completing the first echelon project IND Sino-US dual reporting, and this year is expected to have a number of Clinical studies are being carried out in China, the United States, and Australia, and the follow-up echelon projects are about to begin preclinical research. Driven by innovation, Aimeifei is committed to providing patients with a new generation of safe, reliable, and quality-controllable drugs.”
        Develop new drugs based on disease cell phenotypes, and strive for First-in-Class global innovation
        Since its establishment, Aimeifei has established the concept of drug research and development starting from the world's leading targets and based on the phenotype of disease cells, and has carried out "First-in" drugs for major refractory diseases such as malignant tumors and autoimmune diseases. -Class" new drug development, strive to achieve the world's first, and take the road of real innovation from the source. The founder, Dr. Fan Guohuang, emphasized that the company must insist on innovating from the source of the target, so that there will be a broader space for development in the future.
        Based on the company's founder's R&D philosophy and the team's years of experience in the research and development of new drugs for major diseases, Aimeifei has formed a unique R&D strategy and differentiated competitive advantages: First, in the field of oncology, Aimeifei abandons "killing tumors" To develop new immunomodulatory antitumor drugs that reverse the tumor immunosuppressive microenvironment. Second, in the field of inflammation and autoimmune diseases, by regulating the phenotype of immune cells such as macrophages, the immune balance is rebuilt, thereby inhibiting the development of autoimmune diseases. Third, in the field of immunometabolic diseases, by correcting the aging-related secretion phenotype (SASP) of the body organs, it can improve energy and slow down the disease process. Fourth, in the field of neurodegenerative diseases, Aimeifei focuses on the Cross-talk of inflammatory immune cells and the nervous system, improving the immune-inflammatory environment of the disease, and is expected to successfully break through the predicament of neurodegenerative disease treatment, providing many neurodegenerative diseases. Good news for the sick.
        Aimeifei has achieved a global leading position in the drug development progress of related targets. Solid preclinical research has laid a solid foundation for the company's follow-up pipeline to enter clinical research, and has also brought great confidence to the team and investors.At present, Aimeifei has more than 10 global innovative R&D pipelines. The first echelon has 7 clinical application (IND) projects around the two candidate molecules IPG1094 and IPG7236 in progress, and it is expected to obtain IND approval before the third quarter of 2021 Later, it officially entered the Phase I clinical trial, and maintained the progress of completing the IND application of more than 2 new drug projects per year on average.
         In addition to taking the road of differentiated innovation, Aimeifei's core competitiveness also comes from the continuous innovation and output capabilities of the founder and core team. In addition to the fast-growing small molecule pipelines, Aimeifei also has a cutting-edge layout of original research in the pipelines such as monoclonal antibodies and double antibodies, forming a second-tier pipeline and obtaining corresponding original candidate molecules, which is expected to be in the first quarter of 2022. After completing the IND application, it will officially enter the clinical research stage.
Investors said: Innovation from the source of new drugs has become the key to obtaining investment
        For investing in Emerald,Sun Hangcheng, managing partner of Linkage Ventures, said:In recent years, the domestic innovative drug industry has developed rapidly, and the industry structure is undergoing subversive changes. Only relying on the "Fast-Follow" strategy will limit the competitiveness of innovative drug companies. Some outstanding Chinese innovative drug companies have turned their attention to First-in-Class and deployed global innovative R&D pipelines. Aimeifei has such a forward-looking innovative drug company, and many of the company's product pipelines are the world's first. Of course, foresight also requires the efficient implementation and execution capabilities of the team. The company team has worked hard for many years in the development, demonstration and molecular optimization of new targets, with strong R&D strength and promising development potential. We believe that Aimeifei will become a leader in drug innovation in China and even in the world. Linkage Ventures will also graft on the strategic resource advantages of clinical research, actively empower the follow-up clinical research of Aimeifei, and help the company to grow rapidly.
        Wang Maoting, Chairman of New Silk Road Financial HoldingsIt is also recognized that: the founding team of Aimeifei has been deeply engaged in the basic mechanism research of autoimmune and tumor-related diseases for many years, and based on the new understanding of the disease mechanism, it has developed the world's first innovative drugs and achieved source innovation; the company's main product pipeline research and development progress is ranked No. 1 in the world. The first-tier team has strong competitive advantages, wide indications and huge market potential; the core executive team has profound experience in new drug R&D management, and the senior consultant team is full of stars. For a long time, our New Silk Road Financial Holding has been adhering to the investment philosophy of "rooted in China and looking to the world", focusing on investment in the field of life sciences. We look forward to working with Aimei to improve the treatment status of autoimmune and tumor diseases in China. We have full confidence in the rapid development of the company in the future.
        Liu Pengcheng, Co-Head of Hanergy Investment Healthcare, said:Aimeifei focuses on the field of malignant tumors and autoimmune diseases. Taking the reconstruction of immune balance as the starting point, it has established a "First-in-Class" pipeline around multiple new targets, and innovatively develops a class of new drugs from the source. The research and development progress is in the leading position in the world. It is one of the few innovative drug companies in China with a global vision and competitiveness. The Hanergy team continues to be optimistic about the long-term competitiveness of Aimeifei, and highly recognizes the founding team with Professor Fan as the core and its excellent R&D and execution capabilities. Its R&D layout centered on regulating immune balance is leading and solid clinical practice. The previous research data also fully proves that the pipeline has good medicine properties and obvious competitive advantages, and the rapid completion of this round of financing also reflects the recognition of Aimeifei from the capital and industry circles. It is believed that under the leadership of Professor Fan and the help of new and old investors, Aimeifei will continue to achieve more major milestones, and quickly promote pipeline research and development to benefit the majority of patients.