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Ennovation Ventures Portfolio丨Yaojie Ankang Announces IND Application Submission, Double Happiness for Strategic Cooperation with LG Chem

Completed IND clinical trial application for TT-01025 submitted to NMPA in China
      February 22, 2021 – Nanjing Pharmaceutical Ankang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yao Jie Ankang”), our investment company, and a life science company under LGChem of South Korea (“LG Chem”) jointly announced that VAP-1inhibitor TT-01025(LG0030317)Successfully achieved first subject dosing in the United States.Yaojie Ankang also announced that the company has completed the submission of the IND clinical trial application of TT-01025 to China's NMPA.
      In August 2020, LG Chem signed an agreement with Yaojie Ankang to acquire the research, development, production and sales rights of TT-01025 in all regions except China and Japan reserved by Yaojie Ankang, with a total value of US$350 million. The clinical phase 1 trial of this project will be completed in the United States, and 64 subjects are planned to be enrolled.The completion of the first subject dosing is another important milestone in the cooperation between the two parties following the approval of the IND in the United States.According to the agreement, Jiankang will also receive a new milestone payment from LG Chem.

    "The initiation of this clinical study is an important milestone for LG Chem in our determination to address the clear unmet needs of patients with metabolic diseases," said Adam Benson, director of clinical development at LG Chem's Life Sciences Innovation Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts. "Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis remains an intractable disease to this day that is increasingly burdening our healthcare system. Strong preclinical data give us a strong sense that LG00303174 has the potential to address as an oral therapy The possibility of this disease.” At the same time, Dr. Jeewoong Son, President of LG Chem Life Sciences, commented: “The rapid and effective clinical phase 1 opening of LG0030317 represents the excellent R&D, clinical and collaborative capabilities of LG Chem America’s Innovation Center.” Dr. Yongqian Wu, CEO of Yaojie Ankang, said: "The completion of the first patient's drug administration represents the efficient execution and clinical development capabilities of the LG Chem team, and the seamless clinical application submission of China's IND also reflects once again. I would like to congratulate the teams from both sides on the research and development, clinical and registration strength of the Yaojie Ankang team. With the start of clinical trials in the United States and the approval of clinical trials in China this year, the clinical trials of TT-01025 will soon begin globally. ."
      Reached a strategic partnership agreement with South Korea's LG Chem
      April 28, 2021 - Pharmatech Ankang announced today that it has entered into a strategic partnership agreement with a life science company ("LG Chem"), a subsidiary of LG Chem in South Korea, to obtain the development and commercialization rights. Pursuant to the agreement, Yaojie Ankang obtained the exclusive license rights for the development and commercialization of LC51-0255 in all indications in Greater China. LG Chem retains development and commercialization rights in other countries and regions around the world except for Greater China.

      LC51-0255 is a novel oral S1P1 (sphingosine-1-phosphate receptor-1) modulator for the treatment of autoimmune diseases. LG Chem has completed the clinical phase I study of this product in South Korea and started the clinical phase II trial in the United States. Preclinical studies and clinical phase I trials have shown that this product is highly selective for S1P1, and has demonstrated good safety and PK/PD correlations in healthy subjects. Both parties hope to use the R&D experience and advantages in their respective regions to jointly develop cooperative products, and further accelerate the development of innovative drugs through this strategic partnership.
      Dr. Yongqian Wu, Founder and CEO of Yaojie Ankang, said: "We are very pleased to expand our cooperation with LG Chem in the field of immune and inflammatory diseases. Autoimmune diseases have a high incidence in China, and there is a huge future Satisfied clinical needs. The acquisition of the LC51-0255 project will further expand the product line of Jie Ankang in the field of autoimmune diseases. The strategic cooperation between the two parties will greatly accelerate the clinical development of LC51-0255 in China and even globally progress.” Dr. Jeewoon Son, President of LG Chem, said: “We are committed to developing new drugs to provide new treatments for patients with autoimmune diseases, and through extensive international cooperation to promote the development process of new drug product lines, accelerate To be a global market leader."
      This strategic cooperation is another important milestone achieved by the two parties after LG Chem obtained the exclusive license of Yaojie Ankang's blockbuster product TT-01025 for the treatment of NASH (non-alcoholic steatohepatitis) in August last year, which further strengthened Yaojie Ankang's partnership with LGChem.
About LG Chem Life Sciences
      LG Chem LifeSciences.The company is part of the LG Chem Group and is responsible for the development, manufacture and commercialization of pharmaceuticals worldwide. LG Chem Life Sciences is committed to expanding its global presence in core therapeutic areas of immunology, oncology and metabolic diseases, especially diabetes and related metabolic diseases. Actively seeking global collaboration from product centricity to strategic investment and collaboration is its main strategy to achieve this.