News Center | 2023-04-18 11:16:49
Ennovation Ventures Innovative Drug Enterprise Project Application and Cooperation Exchange Conference has come to a successful conclusion!

Recently, the "Whale Salon" Science and Technology Investment Group's post investment service series activities - Innovative Drug Enterprise Project Application and Cooperation Exchange Conference - jointly organized by the Jiangbei New Area New Financial Public Service Platform, Jiangbei New Area Talent Service Alliance, and Nanjing Jiangbei New Area Technology Investment Group Co., Ltd., and co organized by Ennovation Ventures, were successfully held in Nanjing. This event aims to build a communication and cooperation platform for innovative pharmaceutical enterprises, helping them better understand post investment services, expand the market, and accelerate project progress. Representatives of several invested enterprises from Ennovation Ventures and Science and Technology Investment Group attended the event.

In this event, representatives jointly visited the National Health and Medical Big Data (Eastern) Center. As a national level data platform that integrates data collection, analysis, and sharing, the center gathers rich medical data from medical institutions across the country, providing solid data support for the development of the national healthcare industry. As a key development area in Nanjing, Jiangbei New Area has been committed to building a high-end technological innovation industry, especially the development of the biopharmaceutical industry in recent years.  

At the exchange meeting, Chen Renhai, the founding executive partner of Ennovation Ventures, delivered an opening speech and expressed the hope that through this exchange, more excellent biopharmaceutical enterprises can establish connections, jointly explore a broader market and future, and promote the development of biopharmaceutical technology.  

Yang Tao, Minister of the Industry Promotion Department of the Life and Health Office, presented the development plan and policies for the biopharmaceutical industry in Jiangbei New Area, introducing and explaining several measures to promote the development of the biopharmaceutical industry in Nanjing. He hoped that the biopharmaceutical industry could achieve the planning goals of consolidating leading advantages, expanding industry scale, and keeping a close eye on the forefront of technology in the future.

Liu Yingying from the Economic Development Bureau of Jiangbei New Area shared the theme of "Leveraging Policies to Build a Specialized, Refined, and New Development Path for Enterprises", mentioning that a series of policies issued by governments at all levels have provided strong support and guarantees for the development of enterprises. Enterprises should closely combine their own actual situation, identify the focus of policy support, and create a specialized, refined, and new development path.


During the interactive communication session, representatives of participating enterprises introduced and reported on their progress, jointly exploring industry development trends and innovative achievements, and put forward many inspiring suggestions and opinions.

Finally, Zhu Zongang, Secretary and Deputy General Manager of the Party Branch of Science and Technology Investment Group, shared the theme of "driving innovation through two rounds" and promoting development through the integration of "three chains". He emphasized that Science and Technology Investment Group is driven by two rounds of "technology finance+technology platform", strengthens the integration of "innovation chain, industrial chain, and capital chain", and is committed to creating a service system that serves the development of leading industries in the new area such as life health and integrated circuits, and builds an innovation ecosystem.   

After the meeting, representatives expressed that this exchange meeting is of great significance for promoting the innovative development of the biopharmaceutical industry and promoting cooperation and exchange among enterprises. They also stated that they will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation, continuously promote technology research and development, and make greater contributions to the development of the biopharmaceutical industry.


It is reported that Jiangbei Science and Technology Investment will continue to organize multiple investment activities to help enterprises better achieve capital operation and accelerate their growth. At the same time, Ennovation Ventures will continue to provide high-quality services and resource support to enterprises. Through excellent investment strategies and resource advantages, we truly aim to make enterprises winners, promote the development of the biopharmaceutical industry, and create more value for society.